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Discover Amsterdam in a unique way with Canal Motorboats! Reserve your boat, choose a date and time, come to our rental, and sail through the canals! Fun on the water guaranteed!

  • Choose a boat, date and time
  • Place your reservation
  • Come to our boat rental
  • Sail through Amsterdam

Rent a boat and sail yourself in Amsterdam with a discount

We currently have a Super Deal. You will receive a €20 discount when you rent a boat for 2 hours on weekdays to sail yourself through Amsterdam. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Seize your chance now and cruise cheaply along the beautiful Amsterdam canals.

Note: The discount is only valid from Monday to Friday for a maximum of 2 hours of self-boating in Amsterdam.


Self-drive boats with discount
rent a boat drive yourself amsterdam

The first and oldest boat rental in the city

Canal Motorboats is the very first and therefore the oldest boat rental company in our capital. Since 1996, we have been renting boats to thousands of tourists and local guests every day. We have grown significantly in recent years and have expanded our fleet enormously with brand new boats specially made for us. And all this while our rates have not increased. We believe it is important to share our love for boating with you and to keep it accessible to everyone.

Self-drive boats in Amsterdam and more

Did you know that in addition to renting a boat and sailing yourself, you can now also choose a large private tour boat with a skipper and buy tickets for our public boat tour from Amsterdam Central? Anything is possible with Canal Motorboats!

self drive boats amsterdam

Boating on your own in Amsterdam with Canal Motorboats

  • Cruise yourself on the Amsterdam canals
  • The boat is private and entirely for you
  • No license or experience required
  • Easy to steer with a steering wheel
  • All boats are electric and quiet
  • Choose from 3 locations in Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam CS, Centre, and East
  • Includes seat cushions
  • Includes a route map
  • Bring your own food and drinks
  • Fun activities available
  • The minimum duration is 2 hours
  • Low rate of €50 per hour

Rules for self drive-boats Amsterdam

You are allowed to sail yourself in Amsterdam without a license with us. You are the captain and steer the boat. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. We explain everything before you depart. However, make sure to read the rules carefully beforehand so you are prepared. We highlight some important rules:

  • Music on the canals is forbidden
  • You are not allowed to go on the IJ
  • The captain must remain sober
  • The captain must be at least 18 years old
  • Keep to the maximum capacity

Rent self-drive boats in Amsterdam with an activity

Do you want to do a fun activity while cruising the Amsterdam canals on your own?  We offer fun activities for free while cruising the canals, such as a scavenger hunt or plastic fishing.

Plastic fishing

Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also good for the environment. As the name suggests: you will receive nets and garbage bags on board so you can fish plastic out of the canals while boating on the Amsterdam canals. Do you want to do this? Please put ‘Plastic Fishing’ in the comments when making a reservation.

Boat scavenger hunt

Do you want to discover Amsterdam in a unique way? Choose the boat scavenger hunt. You will receive a fun route that passes various famous places in Amsterdam. Tip: you can also rent multiple boats, make teams, and turn it into a competition. Which team can find the location on the map first? Do you want to do this? Please put ‘Boat Scavenger Hunt’ in the comments when making a reservation.

Where can you find us?

Do you have a question?

You can choose from various locations in Amsterdam. Please note: where you pick up the boat, you must also return the boat.
  • Location Amsterdam Centre: Zandhoek 22, 1013 KT Amsterdam. Check the directions for more information.

Canal Motorboats is one of the most affordable boat rental companies in the city. You can rent a boat that you can sail yourself starting from €100 for 2 hours. Each additional hour is €50 per hour. This way, you can decide how long you want to cruise the canals. Check our rates for more information.

The boats available for self-driving are suitable for a maximum of 8 people. Fewer is also allowed.

No, you don’t need a license to be able to rent one of our boats. You do have to be over the age of 18 to drive the boat. Also, please read the boating rules before departure.

All ages are welcome at Canal Motorboats. However, you must be at least 18 years old to operate the boat.

No, you don't need experience to operate the boat. We will explain everything. You do need to read the canal rules that apply in Amsterdam.

We hope that this does not happen, but should it happen we charge €30,- for each 15 minutes late. Do you think you will be late? In that case, call us immediately.

You can call us at that time to ask if this is possible because of other reservations. If you are late bringing the boat back without permission we will charge you €30 per 15 minutes late.

  • Up to 48 hours before the start of the reservation? Then you can move free of charge. Cancel completely? Then you will get 50% of the amount paid back.
  • Within 48 hours before the start of the reservation? Canceling or moving is then no longer possible. You then owe the full amount.

In weather conditions where it is not safe to sail, only Canal Motorboats can decide to move the reservation. The reservation will then be rescheduled free of charge to a date to be determined later by the tenant (within one year after the booked date). We will of course contact you.

View our terms and conditions for more information.

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