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General Conditions


Rights and obligations of the lessor

  1. The lessor ensures that the vessel, complete will all extras listed in the agreement, is in good condition
    and that it can serve for its intended use (a paddle should be present at the least). The lessor shall also
    ensure an adequate WA and Casco insurance of the vessel (max. € 150,– excess).
  2. The lessor is not liable for damage to good or for any injury/accident unless that damage and/or that
    injury is the direct consequence of a defect to the vessel made available by the lessor.
  3. The lessor may, due to bad weather conditions (wind force 5 or more) and/or excessive use of alcohol
    and/or other drugs, deny the lessee from sailing or command him to return to the marina or to
    immediately sail to a mooring to be designated by the lessor.

Rights and obligations of the lessee

  1. The lessee has the right of use of the vessel rented by him and collects it at the agreed time. Prior to
    sailing, the lessee inspects the vessel for damage and inventory and immediately notifies the lessor of
    any shortcomings. The lessee should use the vessel with due diligence and as a good skipper in
    accordance with its purpose and sailing rules (also applicable to the number people aboard). The lessee is
    deemed to have adequate skills. The lessee should be able to provide a valid ID.
  2. The lessee should be at least 18 years of age.
  3. At the end of the rental period, the lessee should return the vessel in the same state in which he received
    it, at the agreed time and place to the lessor, regardless of the weather conditions, unless article 3 occurs.
    If the lessee leaves the vessel in case of an emergency, he is to notify the lessor of this as soon as possible.
  4. The lessee is liable for any (consequential) damage and/or loss of the vessel, insofar not covered by the
    insurance, arisen during the time the vessel was under his responsibility. The lessee is not liable if he is
    able to provide that the damage and/or loss is not attributable to him or one of his co-passengers.
  5. The lessee is not allowed to play live music or mechanical music by means of amplifiers.

Booking, payment, cancellation

  1. In case of booking, the lessor of the boat has the right to require an advance payment. If the lessee does not
    provide timely payment or does not collect the rented object on time, he can no longer claim any rights
    regarding his booking.
  2. At the latest on the start date of the rental period and prior to sailing, the deposit and the full rent should
    be paid. The deposit will be reimbursed by the lessor to the lessee, after deduction of the amount due.
  3. Cancellation by the lessor, more than a week prior to the start of the agreed rental period is possible free
    of charge, one week to two days prior to the start of the rental period, the lessee is due 50% of the rent
    and as of two days prior to the start, he is due 100% of the rent. The lessor is due 25% of the rent if the
    vessel if not available without prior written notice.

Canal Motorboats
Zandhoek 22
1013 KT Amsterdam

Telephone number: + 31 (0)20 422 70 07

Chamber of commerce: 33290675
VAT no.: NL805666230B01

Rent a boat in Amsterdam with Canal Motorboats

Rent a boat in Amsterdam with Canal Motorboats

Private boat rental in Amsterdam
Drive the boat yourself
Incl. pillows, blankets and a map
No license needed
Free life jackets for children
You are the captain
Cheap boat rental Amsterdam
Choose between 2 boats
Place for 7 or 8 people
In the centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Boat Rental location

Boat rental Canal Motorboats can be found at Zandhoek 22, 1013 KT Amsterdam. Our boats are located in the Westerdok, less than a 15-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station or 5 minutes by bus 48, stop Barendszplein. There is also plenty of parking space nearby if you come by car or bicycle. There are several parking garages within walking distance where you can park.

Rent a boat in Amsterdam for cheap with Canal Motorboats

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No, you don't need experience to drive the boat. We will explain everything. You can read all the canal rules that apply in Amsterdam.

You have to be 18 years or older to drive the boat.

You can rent a boat for a longer period when it is not too busy and there are no other reservations. Please call us first to ask if this is possible.

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