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When is Gay Pride Amsterdam 2023?

The Amsterdam Gay Pride, or also known as Canal Parade, is on Saturday, August 5th 2023. On this day you can rent a boat in Amsterdam and watch the Canal Parade from your own private boat on the Prinsengracht. This is the day when everyone dressed up in their most outrageous outfit along the Prinsengracht canal can celebrate abundantly, that love is for everyone! The canals are filled with boats lining the docks to watch dozens of parade boats cruise by. Enough reason to rent your own boat during Gay Parade Amsterdam and party along.

Amsterdam Gay Pride boat rental

Of course you and your friends want to be as close to the Canal Parade as possible. This is the place to be! Canal Motorboats has managed to get a few spots, because nowadays you need to have a vignette to be allowed on the route with a boat.

At our boat rental in Amsterdam you can rent a boat for the whole day during Gay Pride Amsterdam 2023. You can pick up the boat early in the morning around 9 am and when the Parade is over at 6 pm you can bring the boat back to us. The exact time you can pick up the boat is still to be announced. We will assign you an area where you can park the boat during the Amsterdam Gay Pride.

  • You rent a boat for the whole day
  • Fixed low rate
  • Price includes vignette

Green boat

  • Space for 7 people
  • For only €450 including vignette
  • Electric boat
  • Can be steered by means of a tiller
  • Seats in the middle of the boat

Blue boat

  • Space for 8 people
  • For only €500 including vignette
  • Electric boat
  • Can be steered by a steering wheel
  • Convenient storage compartments under the seats
  • Seats along the side of the boat

Rules for renting a boat during Gay Pride Amsterdam

During Gay Pride Amsterdam, the canals are filled with boats and hundreds of thousands of visitors. This means that at 6pm the canals and streets no longer look as tidy as they did before. We believe that celebrating should not be an excuse for anti-social behaviour. Therefore, we would like to remind you of the rules.

  • Do not throw rubbish overboard into the water or on the dock. There is a special waste service where you can dispose of your waste.
  • Do not play music! On the canals, music is played on high quality sound systems. Your tunes are therefore not only unnecessary but also prohibited.
  • The captain must stay sober. So decide in advance who will steer the boat.
  • Do not throw water or other stuff at the parade boats.
  • You may not swim or jump into the water.
  • Do not enter houseboats without permission of the owner.
  • Drink in moderation, it’s a long day.
  • Put on your wildest outfit! It would be a shame to leave it hanging in the closet any longer.

The normal boating rules still apply. Please read them carefully.

Hire a boat during Amsterdam Canal Parade

Would you like to hire a boat during the Amsterdam Canal Parade 2023? Then be quick, because it is very popular to rent a boat during Gay Pride, the boat rentals are sold out far in advance every year. So book well in advance to be sure of a boat. Being on the canals during Gay Pride Amsterdam is something that should definitely be on your bucket list.

Other Events in Amsterdam

Do you want to rent a boat during another event in Amsterdam? There are many events in Amsterdam. For example: King’s Day or Amsterdam Light Festival. Please contact us for more information or check the pages mentioned above.

Where can you find us?

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The address of our boat rental location in Amsterdam Centre is Zandhoek 22, Amsterdam. This is less than a 15-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station or 5 minutes by bus 48, bus stop Barendszplein. There are also plenty of (paid) parking spaces nearby if you're by car or bike. There are several parking garages within walking distance.
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That's why customers choose Canal Motorboats

This is what you get with Canal Motorboats

This is what you get with Canal Motorboats

Private boats for rent
Drive the boat yourself
Incl. pillows, blankets and a map
No license needed
Free life jackets for children
You are the captain
Lowest prices
Choose your own boat
Space for 7 or 8 people
In the centre of Amsterdam

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We have 2 different boats to choose from. The blue boat and the green boat. Both boats have a different price. Take a look at our boat rates.

The departure location is at Zandhoek 22 1013 KT Amsterdam.This is near the famous Prinsengracht. It is within walking distance from Central Station and easily accessibel by bus, bike and car. You will find a route description for more information.

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