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Rent a boat with an activity in Amsterdam

Would you like to rent a boat in Amsterdam and combine cruising the canals with a fun activity? At Canal Motorboats, we offer free activities when you rent a boat with us. Would you like to do a fun activity in Amsterdam? Then please put the activity in the comments when making a reservation. We will take care of the rest. We offer these activities:

  • Plastic Fishing
  • Scavenger Hunt

Plastic fishing in Amsterdam

Do you think the environment is as important as we do, and do you want to keep Amsterdam’s canals clean? Then choose the plastic fishing activity. You will be given scoop nets and rubbish bags to fish plastic out of the canals while on your boat trip through Amsterdam. This is a fun activity for all ages. Want to make it even more exciting? Then make it a competition. Who can fish the most rubbish out of the canals? It’s perfect for a group activity in Amsterdam. This way, together we will ensure that Amsterdam’s canals remain on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Book plastic fishing

Would you like to go plastic fishing during your boat trip through Amsterdam? This costs nothing extra. Just put ‘plastic fishing’ in the comments when you make your reservation with our boat rental in Amsterdam. We will make sure all the equipment is available.

What did others think of plastic fishing?

“Plastic fishing was great. While cruising the canals, you can really mean something to the city. That’s nice.” – Chantal

“Everyone got competitive! Everything that didn’t belong in the canals was taken away. Really great fun to do together.” – Alex

“The children found it extremely interesting. Wonderful to see them doing their best and later telling their parents why it is so important.” – Mirna


Reading a map on a boat in Amsterdam

Scavenger hunt in Amsterdam

Want to discover Amsterdam in a unique way? Then opt for the scavenger hunt. You will be given a nice canal route that will take you past a number of well-known spots in Amsterdam. This way, you will get to know Amsterdam while enjoying a fun activity at the same time. You can also create several teams and turn it into a competition. Which boat will be the first to complete the tasks?

NB: For location Centrum you can choose a route of at least 2 hours to do the scavenger hunt. For location East you can choose a route of at least 3 hours.

Book the scavenger hunt

Would you like to do the scavenger hunt while boating? Then put ‘scavenger hunt’ in the comments when making a reservation. This costs nothing extra. Hire a boat in Amsterdam and enjoy the activity!

What did others think of the scavenger hunt?

“Rented several boats, very friendly service and the boats are very comfortable. Very fun scavenger hunt done with the team and definitely worth repeating.” – Farred

“The scavenger hunt was fun to do. We did this during a family day. Not only the kids, but also the adults really enjoyed it.” – Jesse

“An incredibly fun way to get to know Amsterdam with the team. And enjoyed the beautiful canals in between.” – Myrthe


Outdoor activities in Amsterdam for groups

Want to do a fun outdoor activity in Amsterdam with a larger group during a friends outing, family outing or a company outing for example? This is possible at Canal Motorboats. Rent a few boats and head out together. Activities such as plastic fishing and a treasure hunt can be booked free of charge. Fun guaranteed! Contact us for questions or special requests.

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We are open every day, all year round. These are our opening hours:
  • Monday: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Tuesday: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Wednesday: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Thursday: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Friday: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00

In addition to the regular boat fee, we are required to charge tourist tax at €2.50 per person. This applies to all boat rental companies in Amsterdam.

Yes, we provide enjoyable corporate outings, friend outings, team-building events, and family outings. We can organize a fun scavenger hunt, catering, or for example, go plastic fishing during the boat trip. Rent multiple small boats that you can sail yourself or choose for a private cruise boat with a captain and space for 30 people.

Of course! Every year we have some great offers during popular events such as King's Day, Amsterdam Gay pride and Amsterdam Light Festival. The rental of the boats usually starts 4 to 6 months in advance. So, make sure to book in advance to secure a boat.

Available boats

  • Small boats that you can sail yourself
  • Private canal boats with a captain and space for 30 people
  • Tickets for the large canal cruise boats

Do you need to sail yourself or is there a captain?

Please note: on King's Day, you always rent a boat with a captain. You can rent both the small boats and the large private canal cruise boat with space for 30 people. On other holidays/events, you are allowed to sail yourself.

Food and drinks

Regarding food and drinks on King's Day and Gay Pride: On the small boats where you are the captain, you may bring your own food and drinks. On the large boats (30-person boats), it's only allowed to bring your own food. We will arrange the drinks for you.  

You can choose from various locations in Amsterdam. Please note: where you pick up the boat, you must also return the boat. Check all directions to our boat rentals.
  • Zandhoek 22, 1013 KT Amsterdam
  • Westerdoksdijk 705, 1013 BX Amsterdam
  • Nassaukade 341, 1053LZ Amsterdam
  • Polonceaukade 20, 1014 DA Amsterdam

When you rent a boat with us, you can go plastic fishing for free. We provide all the necessary equipment on board, including nets and garbage bags, allowing you to fish for plastic during your cruise. Not only is it a fun activity, but it's also environmentally friendly! This activity can be booked at no extra cost for the self-drive boats and private canal cruises. It's important to notify us in advance. You can book this by including 'plastic fishing' in the comments when making a reservation.

Canal Motorboats is one of the most affordable boat rental companies in the city. You can rent a boat that you can sail yourself starting from €100 for 2 hours. Each additional hour is €50 per hour. This way, you can decide how long you want to cruise the canals. Check our rates for more information.

The boats available for self-driving are suitable for a maximum of 8 people. Fewer is also allowed.
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